PJC Roasted Stock

This is the stock we use in everything. It’s big and bold so it can hold up to the smoke from the fire pit. I love this recipe. It’s really more of a procedure than a recipe. I have made Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Vegetarian stock this way and they all rock. I use a commercial grade Liberty-Ware 15 quart aluminum pot with a lid. The pot is an important part of the process but you can use all most any roasting pan with high sides and foil for the lid. I am going to give you a chicken stock recipe as an example

 Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

1-whole chicken. I use Smart Chicken because their succulent but any chicken will work. Bone out the breast and dark meat and reserve it for something else. We pound it out and make schnitzel from it on stock day. Place the rest of the chicken in the roasting pan without lid and place in oven until it’s toasty brown. This is important for the flavor profile of the stock so let it go for an hour and a half at least before adding the vegetables.

ADD THESE ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: corporate farmed produce works, but…
1-bunch of celery (chopped)
6-large carrots (chopped)
2- large onions (chopped)
1-large red bell pepper (diced)
½ head cabbage (chopped)

When you add the veggies to your pot you should hear a sizzling sound. That’s the rendered fat from the chicken doing its thing. Your going to get rid of the fat later but you also need this step for the flavor. Place the lid on the pot and bake for 2 – 3 hours until the veggies are nice and brown and have lost most of their moisture. I stir it a few times during the cooking process. The house smells incredible at this point.

6-quarts of water
2-bay leaves
8-10 sprigs of thyme
2-tablespoons salt
2-tablespoons of whole peppercorns. Not ground

Almost there. Once the stock boils let it simmer for a couple hours. The great part of oven stock is that it will never hard boil but it does reduce. I get about 4-5 quarts of stock out of this recipe. You really don’t need to simmer it much longer. Let the stock cool down before adjusting the salt and pepper. I like the salt level to be very low because I reduce this stock in most of my recipes. Strain and place in refrigerator so you can skim the fat off the top the next day. I use this in everything. My favorite is making udon soup from it. Yes, it takes all day but you will enjoy it for a whole week.

This is what all that work was for. Enjoy!